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Counselor Cover - Division of NSM Insurance Group
Counselor Cover is a division of NSM Insurance Group. NSM Insurance Group is a national leader in the development, marketing and underwriting of industry-specific insurance programs, as well as industry leader in the Wholesale Brokerage arena.

Professional Liability Insurance

Counselors, Psychologists & Therapists

Professional liability insurance for counselors and related fields protects practitioners against negligence claims made by their patients/clients. Did you know that a simple error or omission can put your entire practice at risk? With professional liability insurance specifically tailored to counselors, psychologists and therapists, you can protect yourself and your practice from bearing the full cost of unexpected legal fees.

At Counselor Cover, we put everything you need to know about quality therapists’ professional liability and psychologists’ professional liability at your fingertips...and you can get complete and binding protection in just 60 seconds.